General national economic measures


*small business relief or other financial support

*company tax relief

*VAT relief

*loan repayment holiday

*interest free crisis loans

*income support for employees

*lower interest rates (general)


More information:  


Official government announcement of general support measures, see here.


State loan guarantee

The state guarantees 70% of new loans given by banks due to the crisis. With a cap of €7,5 Million per company. Extra support for loan repayment holiday.


Payroll tax

The tax is cut to zero between 1/3- 30/6 and with a cap of maximum 30 employees per company and with a cap in terms of the salary – so up to €2500/month. For the part of the salary exceeding 2500 the payroll tax stays the same.


Temporary rebate of commercial property rental costs

Up to 50% of the cost is taken by the state, between 1/4-30/6 and can be applied for now.


Possibility to delay or postpone payment of tax and VAT


Lowered tax for Self employed and small business

100% of the profit in small businesses can be of set in a non-taxable fund to cover future losses. Which means no taxes must be paid for the rest of 2020.


Sick leave without doctor’s certification extended to 3 weeks and no reduction for first day


Keeping employees

All companies that must let employees go due to crisis get reimbursed for 75% of the payroll from the state, if they keep the employees even if they stay at home.


National measures specific to the music sector or to culture in general


The music sector can benefit from the above-mentioned general measures.


On top of this, specific measures have been introduced for the cultural sector: 


-Department of Culture have announced €500m in support for the culture sector affected by cancelled events and the restrictions for live events. (see official government statement). However, many artist driven labels do not meet the criteria to apply. 

-Additional information via the Swedish Arts Council here


-Government’s updates here


-€30m have been earmarked for emergencies especially aimed for companies directly affected by the ban on concerts, festivals etc. with more than 500 audiences. The compensation only covered event scheduled before May 31st.

-On 9 September, the Swedish Ministry of Culture announced that 1.5bn SEK would be added to the 2020-2021 budget in support of the cultural sector, with one additional billion (2,5bn SEK) for 2021-2022. (More info here and here)


-On top of these governmental measures, SOM, the national association of independent labels and the local IFPI put in place some economic advice for their members, including advice and help from economic consultants on how to apply to the governments Covid funds and other financial matters, as well as two online learning sessions and a weekly update during May and June.

De-confinement process

Sweden's lockdown strategy was different than other countries. Restrictions on travel, sport and care-home visits were implemented, possibly for a longer than in other EU countries. However, the country didn't implement full lockdown measures. 


Due to government restrictions, only outdoor events with maximum 50 people are allowed, meaning that the live sector has been close to inactive since March, although events are now starting to flare up slowly.

As live music markets across Europe shutter under new lockdowns, Sweden is making a gradual return to live. As of November 1st, a maximum of 300 seated participants is allowed at cultural events, providing each participant is assigned a seat and one-metre social distancing is maintained.

Measures taken by local collecting society organisations


-Collecting society SAMI (Swedish Artists and Musicians Interest Organisation) are making advance payments and campaigning to be able to use unclaimed sums to support their members. (see here)


Other music funds available?


-The musicians union launched a crisis fund (see here).


-The Swedish Jazz organisation has also started a fund (see here). 

-Regional funding for companies in certain regions from Tillväxtverket (The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth): see here.


Support from online services


A lot of initiatives when it comes to live streams at live venues. For other initiatives by online services click here

Support from national radio and other media


None so far. National radios have said they already play enough local music. 


Social media  and other campaigns to promote music during the crisis - publish daily list of all livestreamed concerts. - discussion forum with ideas how to manage the during the outbreak. 

Local programmes supported by EU funds covering music


None so far.


Business and other expected losses


Still under evaluation. The Swedish association of independent labels developed a survey on this issue and is currently collecting information.


For more info:


SOM - Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter -


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