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Please note that the first place to look for sector action is by country where there are lots of interesting developments. This page below is for additional projects and campaigns that have a multi-territory dimension. (For digital services click here and for collecting societies and radio, you need to check the country pages). 

- #LoveRecordStores: an online campaign where artists, music fans and many others are posting messages of support for their local record shops. The idea is to encourage people to buy music online from these specialist stores who play a vital role in the music community. More about the campaign here.

- AIM Launched a £1m Immediate Access Crisis Fund for Independent Music Contractors:, which received £300,000 in additional donations in September 2020

(This is really a national only project but we are also including it here as it is good example of independent sector mobilisation which has potential to be rolled out in other countries).

- Record Store Day: the annual celebration shinning a light on independent record stores was originally scheduled to take place on 18th April but was cancelled because of the crisis. A newly adapted version of Record Store Day featured three “Drops” that celebrated independent record stores on three separate dates. More info here.

Virtual Music Event and Live Streaming Tool Directory: music / tech journalist Cherie Hu has put together a Virtual Music Events and Live Streaming Tool Directory here.

- Sick Festivals have a comprehensive list of festivals worldwide that have either been cancelled or postponed.

Other sector action

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