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General national economic measures


*small business relief or other financial support 

* VAT relief 

* income support for employees 

* tax returns and or VAT returns suspended/delayed 

*Loan repayment holiday 


More information :  

-In 2020, the government announced a fiscal package of GEL 1 bn (around €290m), which represents around 2% of Georgia’s GDP.  

-Tax deferrals were in place, including property and income taxes, for companies that operate in the tourism industry: hotels and restaurants, travel agencies, passenger transportation companies, siteseeing companies, arts and sports event organizers, 

-Income support for employees made available. 

-Increase in credit guarantee scheme.  

- Businesses that encountered problems in servicing their loans would able get their liabilities restructured by commercial banks on an individual basis. 

-Citizens willing to deter their loan repayment would be given such opportunity by commercial banks in the follwing three months, until June 2020. 

-Acceleration and doubling of VAT refunds.  

-Moratorium on fines. 

More information here and here


National measures specific to the music sector or to culture in general

The music sector could benefit from parts of the measures mentioned above but the stimulus package mostly targeted the tourism sector. 


De-confinement process

Georgia was in a state of emergency until May 22 2020, which included a night curfew, the closure of restaurants, cafes and most shops, the suspension of public transport and a ban on gatherings of more than three people.

Lockdown had been lifted in most cities, and the country reopened to foreign tourists on July 1st 2020, with domestic tourism which resumed from June 15th. 

The country was then allowing tourists from 5 countries (Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and borders expected to reopen on 1st of August 2020, although the reopening could be subject to delays. Domestic tourism was also allowed at the time.

Public concerts are still forbidden, and most restaurants are still closed.

Measures taken by local collecting society organisations

None so far.


Other music fund available

None so far. 


Support from online services

None so far. For other initiatives by online services, click here.


Support from national radio and other media

None so far, most of them have stopped payments.


Social media campaign to promote music during the crisis


None so far.


Local programmes supported by EU funds covering music

None so far. 


Business and other expected losses

Laying off of staff, reduction of revenues. It was the hardest period for music business. 


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