General national economic measures 


-There seem to be some regional initiatives but not a state plan as yet, according to press articles, such as this one from the 3rd of April , which sets out a bleak picture of the situation as regards the economic impact of lockdowns in the region. 


-Unlike some countries where the state is already paying small and big businesses, in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is nothing in place yet. A decision on whether to delay VAT has been talked about.  

-Promises have been made at local level for example to provide 150 and 200 euros per month through regular unemployment benefits, an/or support economic activity but the money has not been made available.  

-And at state level, it has yet to be decided if VAT payments should be moved to the end of the month or not. Delaying loan repayments was also mentioned in the article referred to above, but its not clear if this is a discussion item or not. 

-European Union has approved assistance of 73.5 million euros to Bosnia and Herzegovina for social and economic recovery (in addition to other funds for healthcare). This is part of the overall Western-Balkan Cover-19 support package worth 410 million euros.  As with other countries covered by this arrangement, Bosnia and Herzegovina needs to co-ordinate with the EU, international and national financial institutions as the funds are to be used “to support the real economy, including SMEs, and support liquidity, also of the banking sector.” 

-RUNDA (the independents music companies association for the region) would like to see part of these monies used to support music and other cultural sectors.  


National measures specific to the music sector or to culture in general 


None so far.

Measures taken by local collecting society organisations 

None so far.

Other music fund available 


None so far.


Support from online services 


None so far. For more initiatives by online services, click here.


Support from national radio and other media 


None so far. 


Social media campaign to promote music during the crisis 


None so far. 


Local programmes supported by EU funds covering music 


None so far. 

Business and other expected losses 


Still under evaluation. 

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