General national economic measures


*small business relief or other financial support

* interest free crisis loans

* company tax relief

* VAT relief

* income support for employees

* income support for freelance workers

* unemployment relief

* unemployment relief for freelance workers

* business rates payment holiday

* employer social security payment holiday

* loan repayment holiday

* mortgage payment holiday

* tax returns and or VAT returns suspended/delayed


More info :  


-A hardship fund of €2bn was launched as a safety net for the self-employed. Applications are possible until the end of 2020. Ongoing phase 1 of the Hardship Fund is for self-employed persons who now have no turnover are supported in covering their living expenses. The money is a one-time grant and does not have to be paid back. Phase 2 started after Easter. More information here.

-The Austrian government confirmed a total of €38bn in support: €4bn support for workers on reduced hours and small and medium-sized companies, €9bn in credit guarantees to secure loans, €10bn for tax deferrals, €15bn in emergency aid to be paid out particularly exposed sectors. 

Companies can apply for government funding to support workers on reduced hours for up to 90% of their usual income. Applications should be submitted here.


Small and medium-sized companies can apply here for credit guarantees.


Applications for tax deferments by companies and individuals are available here. Self-employed people insured with the SVS can defer social security payments here.


More information about the €38bn package here.


National measures specific to the music sector or to culture in general


The music sector can benefit from the above-mentioned general measures.


The emergency relief fund for companies and self-employed workers mentioned above will particularly benefit those in the arts. (see here)

In October 2020, the Austrian federal government has announced a €300 million ‘protective umbrella’ to provide certainty for promoters of concerts, trade shows and other live events.

The new funding is designed to remove the risk for event organisers, to allow them to carry on business as usual: If shows organised during the current level of restrictions are cancelled due to new rules, the government will bear the costs of the cancellation.

So far it seems difficult for smaller music companies to benefit from the support programmes in place.


Measures taken by local collecting society organisations


-Austrian authors’ collecting society has set up a €1m fund. Authors and publishers can apply for grants and loans of up to €15,000. More information here.   


-A fund for performers was also set up by local performers and producers society Oestig. More information here


Other music funds available


The Association of the Austrian Music Industry - IFPI Austria - launched an aid program for local music labels in cooperation with the indie association VTMÖ and endowed this with up to €1m. More information here


Support from online services

Spotify COVID relief fund: the local music sector is working on setting up a funding platform for Austria, cooperating with MICA (music information center Austria).

For other initiatives by online services, click here.


Support from national radio and other media

Austrian independent music companies association VTMÖ organised a campaign asking all radio and TV stations to broadcast twice as much music from Austria as usual. So far only one private station has started a new programme each day from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. with 100% music from austria (Radio 88.6 - see, and national radio has announced 2 additional hours of music from up and coming young artists from sundays to thursdays 10 p.m. - 12 p.m. on its most popular station OE3. that would mean an increase from app. 15% to app. 24% on those days.


Social media and other campaigns to promote music during the crisis

Austrian independent music companies association VTMÖ organised a campaign asking all radio and TV stations to broadcast twice as much music from Austria as usual.


List of livestreamed concerts organised in reaction to the COVID19 crisis:


Local programmes supported by EU funds covering music


None so far.


Business and other expected losses

Still under evaluation

For more info:​
VTMÖ – Verband unabhängiger Tonträgerunternehmen, Musikverlage und MusikproduzentInnen Österreich -


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