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An overview of action 

across Europe to address the impact of Covid-19 on the music sector

Outside of China, Europe was the first continent to be hit by the coronavirus crisis. Music was one of the first sectors to suffer, so IMPALA was swift to react and decided to set up our Covid-19 Task Force on the 17th of March 2020.


We adopted our ten point crisis plan ten days later calling for a "swift and massive response across Europe" from the EU, national governments and also the sector. 


This site is our mapping of responses on these three levels. It was announced on 9th April 2020 and is conducted through a survey of members who have all contributed.

During the first wave we set out a recovery roadmap at the end of April designed to build recovery over the next 5 years and beyond.


IMPALA also issued a set of second wave recommendations at the end of November 2020, to address the increased importance of co-ordination as the sector was moving in and out of differing levels of restrictions across Europe.


Our mapping tool promotes best practices and encourages co-ordination. That's important because the EU and national governments continue to react

at different speeds and so is the sector. As well as EU and national measures, our mapping focusses on sector action. It is an evolving exercise so please check in regularly.

Jobs, creativity and cultural diversity are all at stake here. Music and culture need to be recognised as priorities, accounting for 4,4% of EU GDP and 12 million full-time jobs. IMPALA contributed to a study released on 26th January 2021 which shows that Cultural and creative industries as a whole experienced losses of over 30% of their turnover for 2020 – a cumulated loss of €199 billion – with music and performing art sectors experiencing 75% and 90 % losses respectively. Support for small businesses like IMPALA members is vital during and beyond the crisis, as we are the main risk takers, accounting for 80% of all new releases in the music sector.  

The aim of IMPALA’s work is for artists and freelance workers to preserve their livelihood, and for independent music companies to stay in business and continue investing.


Stay safe.


“Cultural and creative industries have been recognised as a priority ecosystem and culture received a boost with over half a billion euros in additional funding proposed in the EU’s budget. These are IMPALA’s recommendations to build on that.”

Francesca Trainini
Chair of IMPALA & PMI

Chair of the Task Force

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